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Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Piada, or Piadina,  is a traditional Romagna food, it’s a thin, round flatbread typically made whit wheatflour, lard (or olive oil),  salt and water. Originally it was cooked on a terracotta plate called "Teglia", nowadays is more practically cooked on steal or stone plates called "Testo". 

In his poetry “La Piada” Giovanni Pascoli rightly refers to it as the Romagna bread: in 2014 the piadina romagnola and his variation “alla riminese” has been registered as a protected geographical indication.
Folded in half is filled whit cold cuts (typical Prosciutto crudo) cheese and veggies or even with Nutella-chocolate creme.

Prepared whit the Piadina thats folded filled and sealed before cooking. Widely used stuffings are "erbe"(spinach, chard and "rosole", marinated edible poppy) or  mozzarella cheese and tomato (called "cassone rosso") or sausages, potatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Albana sweet,Sangiovese,Trebbiano,cabernet-sauvignon,Rebola,Pagadebit,Cagnina and more...